Project Description

This house is unique in that it was designed to be shared by three families. The upper level features five bedrooms, three master suites facing the lake, and one boys bedroom and girls bedroom facing the street. The client initially wanted to keep the house at 5,500 square feet but seeing that having five bedrooms upstairs would generate a lot of area, the gross area is 8,900 square feet including the garage.

A guest bedroom is also available on the main level. The living and dining room feature an operable curtain wall system that allows these spaces to literally open to the beach and the lake views. There is a two-sided fireplace between the living and dining areas. The kitchen exterior wall has an angle toward the views of Chicago, which also helps reduce the house area and lets the kitchen feel it opens up to the rest of the main level.

The sloping dunes and foundation requirements usually result in garages with basements. Here the under-garage basement became a theater room, which was perfect in that concrete walls are great at absorbing sound.

The families decided to sell it after seven years and the realtor created a fantastic video to move it: