Project Description

This house had a very interesting history. The builder approached us to design a home for a lot to help sell it to a potential buyer. We designed a modern style home to fit the narrow but steep lot. We were doing remodeling work for a client with a home a mile away and they heard this vacant lot was available and bought it, hiring us to design this one as well. This design underwent heavy modification, specifically to the master bedroom level which originally was set back from the lake front but was expanded to achieve five bedrooms upstairs.

They also wanted the house to have a more nautical look, which is where the gambrel roof came from. Motifs such as the curved entry roof ties it back to its Midwest setting, though we maintained the grid style trim pattern developed for the modern design, fitting into the shingle style of its cladding. We also retained the wall recess in the west bank of windows to break up this facade and give some interest and definition to the open interiors.