Project Description

New four-level modern house on Lake Michigan, five bedrooms and a modernist’s dream come true.  Which was certainly the case for client and architect alike.  The project had a long storied and fascinating history. The client initially approached us with an existing two-story home they wanted to renovate and add on an upper floor man cave. Then they decided to buy the house next door and connect the two.

An awkwardly written local zoning ordinance made the addition and renovation plans difficult and the owner decided to tear down and start anew.  The man cave ended up being more a penthouse with a roof deck.  The flat (low-slope) roofs allowed us to maximize the 27-foot height restriction and having the front entrance step down three steps and making the house split-level at the upper two levels got everything to fit, pushing the envelope of the height limit.

The client achieved their dream of a modernist home like the many examples they admired along the second coast become a reality in their Midwest environs along the third coast of Lake Michigan.