Project Description

We designed a new retail center with site development for a CD One Price Cleaners franchise who decided to be his own landlord.  The new building was designed to house his commercial laundry and up to five additional tenant spaces. The project included complete site development and replaced a 50 year old motel complex in disrepair.

Several innovations were employed in the project. Permeable pavers were used for stormwater retention and an aesthetic foreground, allowing space normally needed for stormwater management to be used for parking and drives. One challenge with laundromats is the amount of heat generated. Canopies shade direct sunlight on the south wall, and a light shelf which is an interior continuation of a canopy into the space reflects natural light deep into the space. We were able to keep the space just small enough to not require a vestibule, which allows heat to more readily escape. AA white PVC roof membrane aids in keeping the building cool. A high roof deck allowed for the construction of office mezzanine over the bathrooms, and spot cooling ducts are placed at worker areas for employee comfort.