Many of us have a special memory of a house where we’ve lived or visited.  It could be the rich detail, exposed wood members, the amazing view from the windows, the natural light pouring in.  Maybe the built in window seat or the space under the stair perfect for hide and seek.  Perhaps a cozy nook or a high ceiling.  Even a particular architectural style evokes strong emotions within many of us.

Every house is specific to each client.   What might work for most people may not work for you.  Some have built homes before while others never have.  We begin by with a little client education by presenting a graphic illustrating our steps in the “Design Process” 

Many of the design process steps in a commercial project apply for residential ones, but incentives and goals can often be very different.  Homes are retreats from work, from school, from the outside world; where families reconnect and interact and develop.  Other homes are where a couple may retire along a natural feature. What is your dream: A lake home? A cabin in the woods?  An urban setting?  A home office?  A welcoming porch, deck, or patio?    Life of a Residential Project pdf

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