You spend a significant part of your life at your work place.  When you’re not working you like to shop, refresh, explore, and learn in attractive facilities.  You are more productive in desirable environments.  All should be welcoming places.  Healthy environments and well lighted spaces have been shown to increase customer sales, reduce employee sickness and turnover, and improve performance.   Buildings layouts and space planning should be cognitive of how all users will interact.  The building envelope should be energy efficient and an effective barrier to nature’s elements.  Commercial buildings convey an image, provide environments to be profitable, and provide education, entertainment, reflection, and amusement.

Our experience with public buildings ranges from K-12 schools, churches, retail spaces, athletic facilities, health clubs, offices, auto dealerships, and more.  By carefully listening to how you live, work, and play, we design your building to your program, your business, your client base, your employees, your visitors, and to you.  Whether we are designing to manage one person or a church congregation, each facility is tailored to your situation.    Life of a Commercial Project pdf

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